Don’t Count on Regulators to Protect your Online Travel Business Against Google

Backlash against big tech is trending, but don’t look to regulators to protect your online travel business against Google. Facebook and Google captured 90% of new ad dollars in 2016. Amazon now practically owns ecommerce and voice search. Facebook squeezes out or gobbles up competitors at any whiff of momentum. This new reality scares some, but regulators lean on standards and frameworks rather than emotion to assess grounds for intervention. In the U.S., they use the consumer welfare standard. It’s open to legal interpretation but the gist is that if it’s good for the consumer, then it can’t be that bad. The challenge for big tech opponents is that Google and Amazon are really good at what they do. It’s hard to argue that Google is the best at search or that Amazon Prime kills it at user experience. Europeans take a more holistic approach and think about protectionism and local job creation, for instance. In short, it’s complicated with no real actionable interventions in site.