Web Data

Data is the new oil. Work with us to extract terabytes of market intelligence from the web.

Why web data? Publicly available information on company and government websites can offer a veritable treasure trove of actionable intelligence and guidance to your investing and strategic planning efforts.

Our data collection partners in Europe can deliver terabytes of relevant market data to you at competitive rates. Our exclusive focus on the travel industry also sets us apart from other generalists in the market. We do data-as-a-service or full-service analysis.

Use Cases:  Pricing, inventory count, user data including customer reviews for hotel, short-term rentals, ground transport and tours & activities.

Content Strategy

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
— Simon Sinek

Digital media is ubiquitous and synonymous with sound branding and marketing strategy. Functional brands, lifestyle brands, smart brands, sexy brands - all manner of successful brands know how to create and deploy content effectively. LUFT knows media. We worked with Skift.com to transform a scrappy, opinionated travel trade media upstart into a respected research authority covering a trillion dollar global sector.

LUFT helped Northstar Travel Group build its presence in Europe by setting, managing and executing on a comprehensive research publication program for Phocuswright, its premium industry content brand. Efforts culminated into the Phocuswright Europe, a continental multi-day executive conference.


LUFT worked with another vertical business media brand to help capitalize on the company's expert knowledge of a niche industry and market geographic: Nearshore Americas, the leading authority on the IT services outsourcing industry in Latin America. As part of our efforts, LUFT helped refocus the publisher's content toward premium and downloadable reports. As part of the bigger publication agenda, we also helped frame the conversation around the region as an opportunity for global IT services brands. LUFT implemented a content marketing strategy aimed at helping the likes of TATA Consulting Services (TCS), CapGemini, and Infosys establish themselves against local and entrenched competitors.  



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Custom Diligence

We have the analytical chops and vertical expertise to help validate your next strategic investments and initiatives.

Assessing fresh concepts in hospitality

LUFT worked with a private equity group managing approximately 3 billion in capital to assess an opportunity to invest in a niche luxury accommodations concept. The asset in question was a small portfolio of independently branded beach-front properties, catering to an upper-income clientele base with a passion for water sports. The buying team found existing cash flow and economics favorable, but wanted third-party validation of the concept to ensure long-run potential for growth and alignment with market trends. As part of the deliverable, LUFT generated a comprehensive report outlining 1) the total market size and projected opportunity to grow the brand and portfolio of properties 2) shifting trends in the alternative accommodations market and the role that platforms like Airbnb might have as a potential distribution channel 3) changing habits in luxury travel consumption, particularly in "rustic" luxury category, and whether said lifestyle brand aligned with a longer-run trends rather than fads.

Bike Tour.PNG

Assessing acquisition targets for tour operators

LUFT worked with a large U.S. based guided tour operator to assess potential to expand into new experience categories. The client, an established brand with a loyal but aging customer base, wanted to diversify its overall offering by adding fresh inventory aimed at a younger demographic.  Part of this strategy included a possible acquisition. The core diligence challenge was to understand a fragmented market of active guided tour operators with limited publicly available information on market size and opportunities, company revenues, margins, willingness to sell and other factors that would eventually factor into a potential buy offer. As part of the deliverable, LUFT generated a comprehensive analysis

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Thought Leadership

 The process of digital transformation has reach across the entire enterprise.

The process of digital transformation has reach across the entire enterprise.

Bigger is not necessarily better in today’s business climate. LUFT understands the challenges that legacy enterprises now face in the new digital reality. We have years of experience analyzing the impact that technology has had on the overall business climate.  We've built analytical frameworks to prove it. Cloud-based services mean that fresher, more nimble competitors can challenge established brands at a fraction of the cost. Tired digital infrastructure and rigid governance can cripple innovation. The travel industry is certainly not immune. Online players have digital in their DNA and yet they struggle to compete in the age of platforms. More recently, airlines and hotel chains are making the hard decisions and pivots to bring them closer to the customer. Change does not come easy. Much of what needs to happen lays underneath outside the view of the customer. 

LUFT founder Luke Bujarski has close to 20 years of professional experience in consulting and digital transformation of industry. His work in strategic sourcing and procurement for the consumer packaged goods industry gave him direct, first-hand perspective into corporate structures and the challenges of enterprise change. His analyst coverage of the global services outsourcing industry put him in touch with global delivery networks. More recently, Luke led efforts on a multi-partnership initiative with Adobe, Skift and He worked in partnership with Adobe to develop the framework for Skift‘s annual digital transformation report

Online Travel Trends

Online travel marketing and distribution is part of our DNA.

LUFT founder Luke Bujarski is an expert and senior publishing analyst specializing in the ever-changing online travel landscape. His experience extends almost a decade of coverage of the big online travel agencies, metasearch platforms, traditional travel agents and supplier-direct strategies across hospitality, airlines, rail and tours and activities. Prior to launching LUFT, Luke was research director for Phocuswright Europe, and the founder of Skift Research.

Authored Publications

A Deep Dive Into the Google Travel Ecosystem
Publication Date: December 20, 2017
Skift Research

The Future of Blockchain in Travel Distribution
Publication Date: November 2017  
Skift Research

A Deep Dive Into TripAdvisor's Competitive Position in Travel
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2017 Outlook On Hotel Direct Booking
Publication Date: May 2017
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The State of Global Vacation Rental Market 2017
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2017 Outlook on Metasearch in Travel
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Spain's Rising Class of Tech-Savvy Hotel Chains
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Incumbents, Innovators, Disruptors: Update on Europe's Dynamic OTA Landscape
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Latin America Online Travel Overview, 2nd Edition
Publication Date: November 2014


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